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  • Going for Gould – Seven takeaways from CHN

    Looking out on the London skyline from the sixth floor of IQVIA’s London headquarters, a sell-out crowd eagerly waited to hear what new chief executive of new NHSX had to say for …

  • Matthew Gould: Leading tech in the NHS – what I’ve learnt so far

    Join us to hear Matthew Gould speak about his first few months as CEO of NHSX and his vision to drive forward the digital transformation of health and social care.

    9 Aug 2019
  • Richard Smith: Chair of NHS England wants a £50 billion NHS bond, culture change, a good relationship with the private sector, and innovation

    Lord Prior, the chair of NHS England, is tall and thin, has a playful smile most of the time, and answers questions with a directness unusual in the higher echelons of the …

  • Lord Prior uses CHN to call for NHS bond

    The chair of NHS England Lord David Prior last night called on politicians to back a £50bn government “bond” for infrastructure spending, saying the service is “capital starved”.

    He was speaking at the Cambridge …

  • The HBI Policy Summit

    A new EMEA forum for healthcare policymakers/payors, the HBI Policy Summit, has been set up by publisher HBI in association with McKinsey & Co to better enable discussion between European health systems.

    The …