L-R: Penny Dash and Pam Garside

Our History

Pam Garside and Penny Dash set up the Cambridge Health Network (CHN), with support from the Judge Business School, in June 2004, to create a membership organisation that provides a forum for discussion between senior NHS and private sector leaders in healthcare.

Judge Business School provided the foundation for CHN’s launch and growth and after eight successful years, with Judge Business School’s endorsement, CHN migrated the management arrangements of the network to ZPB Associates. This signalled an exciting time for CHN and gave us the freedom to expand the range of activities and events for members.

In March 2020, as the Coronavirus pandemic meant meeting in person was not possible, CHN streamlined its operations, moving management of the Network to Lindsey Berthoud, and created a series of popular webinars, before going into hibernation.

After 18 months, the real value of CHN, meeting in-person, was clear and the return of live events was warmly welcomed by all members and supporters. The network continues to go from strength to strength.