People-centred Service Design

16th September 2015

The Cambridge Health Network’s last event, in partnership with Healthcare at Home, was “People-centred service design”.

The shape of health and care services will be determined by our ability to reflect a changing society and to engage communities in their health and wellbeing. Yet the organisational constructs within which health and care professionals operate limits our ability to do this and prevents us from delivering a truly person-centred service.

Evidence from other sectors shows change happens when a service or product is designed around people and our natural behaviour, needs and likes. In healthcare, system or service redesign still tends to focus on organisational or structural elements rather than people. Drawing on examples from Vanguards to innovative new products, this event explored what people-centred design looks like in healthcare and how it empowers individuals from clinicians to patients.

The speakers were:

– Dr James Featherstone, Healthcare at Home
– Betsy Fields, IDEO
– Matthew Dolman, Somerset CCG

Read what happened here: People-centred service design