New Models of Care

21st January 2016

“Commissioning and providing new models of care in your organisation – cost modeling, case studies and real world examples of good practice”

This session is aimed at senior managers and health sector leaders involved in commissioning, implementing or providing new models of care. Participants can expect to come away with a practical route map for action including an understanding of new models of care, cost modeling, and a knowledge of what needs to be done to implement and embed them in their own organisations.

It will be a detailed and immersive session, consisting of a presentation, followed by a group discussion.

The presentation, by Penny Dash, Global Director, McKinsey, and Sarb Basi, Managing Director, Vitality Partnership will outline the context in which the new models of care operate, and the evidence base for the resulting quality improvement. This will give both NHS and private sector attendees a clear understanding of what the supporting evidence is, and how it can be used in the commissioning process.

There will also be a detailed analysis of cost modelling from both commissioner, and provider side. The presentation will examine what real transformation looks like across different health economies. It will use real world examples from across the globe, and look at how new models of care have been commissioned and embedded.

Practical advice for implementation will address key issues such as;

  • What needs to be done to embed a new care model?
  • When do you get staff involved?
  • How can you ensure buy-in from clinical staff?
  • How do you measure success?
  • What does good look like?
  • How to roll out further implementations.

Following this, discussion groups will take some of the findings from the presentation, and sense check them against participants’ own experience.

The groups will report back and discuss their findings.

The session will conclude with networking drinks.

Costs to attend are £500 (Private Sector and Government)/ £300 (Charity and not for profit)

To apply to be at this event, or inquire further about it, contact