CHN operates a closed membership list. Our members hail from:

  • The NHS
  • Policy and government bodies
  • Private healthcare providers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device and biotechnology companies
  • Retail organisations
  • IT, search and selection and consulting firms
  • Think tanks and academia
  • Leading financiers of health and healthcare companies

To join the network, individuals must be nominated by Pam Garside or Penny Dash. Members who would like to recommend colleagues or acquaintances, should submit any requests to CHN by emailing the nominee’s name and a short biography to

To ensure that the CHN remains an exclusive forum for senior leaders to engage with one another openly and honestly, we ask that members do not send replacements if they are unable to attend a session.

Private sector organisations are invited to get involved through sponsorship of CHN. Please contact to find out more.