Pam Garside appointed Chair of Cambridge Angels

Pam Garside

CHN Co-Chair, Pam Garside, is the first woman to be appointed Chair of influential investment group, Cambridge Angels.

Pam, who takes over on 1st October, said,

“I am proud and quite excited to be the first woman chair of Cambridge Angels, a group that has been led by some amazing people in the last 20 years. What our Angels offer is advice from Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs in the deep tech space, the majority of our members having built , scaled and sold companies – thus real “Smart Money”

Business Weekly reported that healthcare specialist Pam is only the group’s sixth Chair.

“Starting life in 2001, Cambridge Angels is a group of 60 high net worth investors with proven track records as entrepreneurs. Its members have identified and supported a large number of the Cambridge Cluster’s most innovative businesses and in its 21st year has certainly held the key to a great many doors.”

Outgoing Chair, Simon Thorpe, said,

Most of my time as chair has been through the unanticipated challenges of a pandemic which has brought about interesting and, in some cases, enduring changes to our model. It has been a great honour to chair Cambridge Angels and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing so. 

Pam has been a member of Cambridge Angels since 2017 and has been on the board since October 2018. She is a very active contributor to our group and to the board and is an active angel investor.”

Good luck Pam!